London Escorts Lifestyle Choices

When you work for a London escorts agency, you soon realise that you may not always be the flavor of the month. Many London escorts say that working for an elite escort agency in London is a bit like being a celeb. One moment you are flying high, and the next minute, no one wants to date you. This is one of the reasons many charlotte London escorts move from an escort agency to make the most out of their career.

Since I have been working for London escorts, I have learned that it is a good idea to learn how to reinvent yourself from time to time. When I got involved with my first charlotte London escorts agency, one of the senior girls at the escort agency told me that she had worked for 15 London escorts agency during her career. I thought that sounded way over the top. Since then I have realised that she is not the only one to do so.

I have moved from one London escorts agency to the next London escorts over the past five years since I have been involved in the business. Every time I have started with a London escorts agency, I have sort of changed my image. It is almost like you make a lifestyle choice every time you move to another London escorts. Believe me, I have been a cheap tart at one London escorts agency, and a posh escort at other London escorts agency.

If you want to do well, it is important that you are prepared to change everything about you. It is a lot like being an artist if you know what I mean. At the moment my hair color is pink, but it has been many other hair colors as well. I worked as a brunette for one London escorts agency and a hot blonde for another. The fashion changes all of the time when it comes to dating London escorts. One minute men are dying to date blondes, and the next minute, they are falling over themselves to date brunettes.

To work for the charlotte London escorts business can be rather draining. One minute I come home looking posh and the next minute I can be found returning home to my flat in a cheap skirt. I am pretty sure that my neighbours think that I am an actress or something. I have told them that I work in a club and a supermarket a couple of days per week. However, I am not sure how long that is going to work for me. Maybe I have to think about reinventing my cover story next I move on to another London escorts agency. Working as a charlotte London escort is not as easy as it seems and before you join a London escort agency, it is a good idea to start to think of yourself as a bit of shapeshifter if you know what I mean. Could it be that the leopard changes her spots after all – now that is a question I would like to know the answer to.